My Watch List

Creating your Watch List of favourite boats is easy. Click the star wherever you see it and that boat will be added to your Watch List and the star will change to . Click on the star again to remove it from your Compare List.

You will see the star icons on the individual boat display page or any page showing you a list of boats from which to choose. If you have previously added a boat to your Watch List, it will automatically be displayed with the orange star. You can then come back to this page at any time to review the list of boats on your Compare List.

Note: this list is saved in your browser using cookies. Cookies must therefore be enabled for your Watch List to work. Also note that cookies are only stored locally in your browser, therefore if you use another browser or another device your Watch List will not follow you

Incognito or Private Browsing Modes: Cookies will be lost when you close Incognito or Private browsing tabs and as noted above this will mean you will lose your Watch list.